Whether you recognize it or not, you’re currently on a journey — we all are.

Yes, it’s true — we’re all on a journey; not the least of which is the journey we call life. But within that macro view, there are also micro-journeys.

Micro-journeys happen in all stages of life, in all cultures, and to all people. They can be recognizable, like coming-of-age, or…

Why Learning to Read Tarot Can Get So Complicated

Okay, so you’re ready to start reading tarot! Hell yes. You’ve got (or about to get) your very first deck, and you’re ready to dive right in.

Here’s what usually happens next:

  • You start with a lil spread for yourself. How hard can reading three cards be?
  • Stare at the…

Dana Augustine

Dana is a registered yoga teacher, tarot reader, and aspiring astrologist. She loves learning and teaching spiritual seekers how to explore their inner world.

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